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Welcome to the web home for the GIS Division of the Franklin County Information Services Department.  Franklin County is a member of the Franklin County Regional Information System, FRIS, along with our partners Franklin County Public Utiliity District Number 1, the South Columbia Basin Irrigation District, and the Franklin County Public Works Department.  The map content of this site is provided through the cooperative effort of these agencies and other data providers, such as the Franklin County Conservation District and the United States Geological Survey.

Both our Broadband and Lowband sites are online.  We have been making adjustments to both sites to improve their usefulness and accessibility, and we appreciate any feedback you want to provide.  One of the biggest changes is that you are no longer required to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer to view the Broadband site.  The map content is now provided throught Adobe's Flash technology, so any browser that supports Flash should work.  We have tested the sites on current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.  The site should work with any of those, although you may see some slight differences in rendering and layout from browser to browser.

Notice (as of July 2015): the interactive website (GIS Broadband and Lowband) is undergoing a structural overhaul and should be considered "under construction" for the next couple months. By the end of this year, we hope to streamline your web map experience and improve its performance considerably, as well as improving its search capabilities.

Our data download site is undergoing continued enhancement.  Please visit it here if you are looking for GIS data sets of Franklin County.

Data on this site is updated on a monthly basis.  Please see the County Home link to visit our other sites, as they may provide more recently updated information, and should be used for verification of content viewed here.

Should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact the GIS Division at: